Charlotte-Bama Postgame Press conference

Hate to beat a dead horse, but after receiving a few hundred emails from venting fans, I thought you would be interested to see what everyone had to say after the game.

Charlotte-Bama Postgame Press Conference

Have at it!

Jason Jordan, Publisher

Somebody had to lose, but we have the best team we have had since we took unc to double ot in the tourney. Execpt for FT that must be corrected!

Nice pre and postgame coverage. JJ is the only one with previews from Coach Lutz and the entire post game press transcript. It’s loaded with information.

Of course, I’m plugging NinerReport again. IMO, we need to to support it, bigtime. It’s the only source of Nothing-but-Niner info we have and I want even more features added.

Sign up for the 7 days FREE and then add it to your Christmas list. :bball: