Charlotte @ Davidson 12/15 7:00PM ESPN+


Level of care low. Level of confidence lower. Outlook not good.

We’ll be crushed. Anyway, I can’t find this game on the espn+ schedule.

I predict we won’t finish the game strong.

On the schedule of ESPN +, but listed as 12:05 start?

We should cancel. I feel a twinge in my back.


I saw that on their web site sched. Makes no sense. I cannot find the game at all when I access the espn app on my smart tv and click on espn+. Can someone close to the AD find out what the frick is going on? Still…not sure I want to watch us get skull drug, and you know we will.

You okay 49er1? A lot of deep dark anger these days.

F Davidson!!!

We may not score 50 if something doesn’t change. They will be well coached.

Enjoy while we can.


Seems like a million years since we beat them. It’s been a damned long year.

Edit to add: The loser of this annual game should be made to take that trophy and display it, much as the loser of a bet has to wear some article of clothing emblematic of the bet winner’s team.

No good feelings about this one sadly. Unless we can really get going offensively I don’t see us winning. Davidson averages about 74 points game while we’re at 64 (59 if you take away the South Carolina State win).

Holding out some hope for this game only because we lost to App and ECU last year, but beat the crap out of Davidson. :man_shrugging:



I’m hoping the team can turn it around for this one. If the same team shows up in the 2nd half that did for ECU and App, Niners will get crushed. Need to play more disciplined with the ball, stop tightening up so much towards the end of games on offense, and hopefully keep their 3 point shooting in check.
So far this season, Davidson has lost 2 close ones to Texas and Providence, beat UNLV and High Point, and absolutely crushed Georgia Southern.

I’m not optimistic, particularly on the road, but you never know in basketball…


Just checked again on the espn+ schedule via my smart tv app and this game is not showing as scheduled as of now. Not sure why other sources show it scheduled for espn+.

It’s on the schedule on my computer and at the correct time now

This…it would be so us to come out and beat them since most of us are so down on the team right now. None of us thought we would win last year either.

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