Charlotte development thread

I can tell a huge difforence between our companies that have employees in the office and the ones at home. I’m sure there is a messurable loss in productivity from a customer service perspective.

I disagree, I know plenty of people working just as hard remotely as they would be sitting in a cubicle in an office building. They just don’t have the wasted time and added stress of commuting. Getting occasional quality time with your co-workers is more beneficial than warming a chair every day in an office.


I’ve worked at home 20 years and my numbers have been as good or better than co-workers in an office. Lots of wasted time in offices. Long lunches, chatting for 15 minutes with co-workers a few times a day, etc.

Hell, I work a lot more than if I were in an office environment, even on weekends when the weather isn’t good


I’ve only been doing it since Covid started, but I am having the exact same experience as Hootie.

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I think the challenge is the cliche some bad apples spoil the whole bunch. Most can work just as effectively or even more WFH, but those that dont ruin it for others.

Same. I used to leave the office at 5:00 to get home by 6:00. Now i have an extra hour to work til 6:00 if desired. I used to leave home around 8:00 to get to the office by 8:30. Now without the morning commute and being more casual not having to get office dressed, I start working around 7:45. i used to almost always take full hour for lunch, away from my desk. Now, I eat lunch at my desk, while working, most days. So that’s 2-3 hours extra work for most days.


Which is better from your experience?

I have had the same experience as Hootie as well since coming home from COVID.

Productivity for my team is way up compared to before.

As far as bad apples, we don’t have any but if we did they would be managed up or managed out.