Charlotte @ FAU 1/22 7PM; 1/23 4PM - both ESPN+

FAU has had several games against meaningful competition (NCSU & FLA) cancelled this year so hard to get a good read on them. Aside from ODU and JMU (all games they lost) they have mainly played patsies.

Their series last weekend was against FIU, who they barely beat 81-79, and then clobbered 107-63.

They play a full 10-11 deep. F Ingram is their scoring and rebounding leader, though they’re pretty balanced.

No spread yet. Will update as it becomes available.


Niners travel to FAU for First C-USA Road Trip

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We’re flying in a prop plane?

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Women’s team won’t be playing FAU this weekend:

Most twin turbo props are more reliable than jets and they are built like tanks. I used to fly on a Saab 340 out of Iowa and it performed much better in wind and storms.

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clt says DC news stations love 49er sports

clt says they took a E120

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I have to say how ugly the FAU floor is every time I see it.

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Did you see the Memphis floor on TV the other night? Blue tiger stripes. I think that tops the cake so far as I have seen. Even the announcers were saying it gave them a headache looking at it.

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That floor in Memphis is #turrible.

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I had not seen that, but it is a lot! What caught my eye though was that they have people on the seats. I am not thinking about Covid, but rather the good ol’ days when we did too.

Well, they did modify the paint scheme to “hide” the giant blue penises! :wink:

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I have been to the FedEx Forum, and playing in an NBA arena has many advantages, but it isn’t on campus. Students either need to drive the 7 miles/15 minutes and park ($10-$20), or ride the trolley which will take about an hour each way. I remember going to games at Bojangle’s Arena and the Charlotte Coliseum on Tyvola, and Halton is so much better than that.