Charlotte Grad to become Senior Writer for SI

He’s also written several books.

I started a thread on him a few months back, somewhere on here. He stated in a story that he loved watching games in the mine shaft while a student at Charlotte. solid guy that we need to invite back… congrats Joe!!

Did a google search, found that at least he has more of a connection to us than our typical alum

Bryan Harvey* (1989-93): 10-20, 2.44 ERA, 295 ip, 154 saves, 165 ERA+.

*A little UNC Charlotte love … or UNCC or North Carolina-Charlotte, or Charlotte, or whatever they’re calling my school these days.

I went to the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. We called ourselves UNCC back then, but nobody know what the hell that meant (I used to tell people that we were like a Tar Heel with a stutter) and so we started calling ourselves UNC Charlotte, but nobody ever hears the second part. I tell someone, “I went to UNC Charlotte” they inevitably go, “Oh, did you go there with Michael Jordan?”

Also see this thread:

In the Inside the Week in Sports section it would be cool if during 1 week of the College Football season if a certain someone “snuck in” an article about the 49ers starting a football team in 2013.

Pretty sure I remember reading him in the UTimes back in the day. Good for Joe!!

Charlotte 49er bias in the media, here we come!

Charlotte 49er bias in the media, here we come!
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