Charlotte in the polls: April 7

[B][SIZE=2]WEEK OF APRIL 7, 2008[/SIZE][/B]


The ball team got revenge by beating Wake Forest, sweeped La Salle in 3 games, but then lost to Tennessee and went 2-1 in a series against Temple in Philadelphia. Tough week for baseball after climbing the rankings last week.

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper - [COLOR=Red][B]#26[/B][/COLOR] [B]COLOR=red[/COLOR][/B]
USA Today/ESPN Top 25 - [B][COLOR=Red]#41[/COLOR] COLOR=red[/COLOR][/B]
NCBWA - [COLOR=Green][B]Votes (Last week: received votes)[/B][/COLOR] Top 25 - [B][COLOR=Red]No votes[/COLOR] [/B][B][COLOR=Red](Last week: received votes)[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=black]Baseball America[/COLOR] - [COLOR=Red][B]No votes (Last week: no votes)[/B][/COLOR]
Perfect Game Crosschecker - [B][COLOR=Red]#29[/COLOR] COLOR=Red[/COLOR][/B]


Golfweek - [COLOR=Green][B]#4[/B][/COLOR]
Golf World/Nike Golf - [COLOR=Red][B]#4 (-1)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]Golfstat - [B][COLOR=Green]#4[/COLOR]

[/B][/COLOR][I](Last week’s ranking in parenthesis)[/I]

It sucks to drop so much this week. There are a couple of more opportunities to make some noise outside of conference though. Let’s just continue to take care of business in conference.

Updated with the late polls.