Charlotte @ JMU free video stream

Hey guys, free video stream will be available for those that can’t make the trip up. Sign up at the link below and chose the “FREE Audio Pass Only” option. This is per JMU folks, they did mention that it is new to them and have had some minor hiccups with feed.

“FREE Audio Pass Only” will give away a free video stream ??? ?

[quote=“SteauA, post:2, topic:28257”]“FREE Audio Pass Only” will give away a free video stream ??? ?[/quote]That’s what they told me. If you look at only other option, it’s a 2012-13 pass. Our contest shows as a free event anyways, must have an account to access.


I signed up. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

clt is concerned about video quality from his aol dial up.

Super helpful. I regularly go into the office on Saturdays so any way I can get an Audi or video stream at the office is huge.

FYI. I was able to watch archived video on my iPhone using the skyfire app. This MIGHT work for the live game tonight for those who will not be at home and need to watch on a mobile device. Not sure if there is a skyfire app for android.

They have two links for the game tonight under the live events section. One is the video feed and the other is an audio only feed.