Charlotte @ Marshall 12/11 - cancelled

We open +22. Marshal has a QB this year. It’s going to be a tough one. For some reason I’m optimistic this one gets played.

Of course we’ll play. We’re 22 point underdogs. They’re ranked 15th. So sure we’ll play this game. It’s on Fox Sports Southeast channel 60 on Charlotte Spectrum.

I hope it rains


Lol ditto. I don’t like our chances in this one. Marshall drops 40 on our Defense. Not sure how our offense will do.

I would be shocked if they play sat. But miracles do happen.

I know a lot of schools are being impacted by COVID right now but if I was giving a letter grade to the way we’ve handled COVID this season it wouldn’t be an A+.

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I agree. What the heck are we doing? Did we just blow off all the protocols or is there a gap in expectations between the football team and the AD.?

It’s embarrassing.

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Has Marshall had anyone on their team come down with Covid yet? I am not sure, but it doesn’t seem that way. Are they not testing, or just incredibly disciplined?

Their fan s have mention guys not playing because of it. It looks like, if that is the case, their guys are practicing contact tracing protocols.

Marshall MBB just coming off second quarantine, so Herd athletics has been affected.

Strange … mentioned this 3 days ago. It’s like it was already decided.

I think they were one of the first teams in our conference to start practicing this summer. They did have some positive tests up front. I’m not sure what they are doing differently than what we are doing. :man_shrugging:

I think population density has something to do with the reason Marshall has less cases.

Is it too late for me to opt out on 2020?

At least we reached Herd immunity.


Lol. J/k 4ever… My nostrils actually flared in appreciation.

On Oct. 9, the 49ers had just boarded a plane when Healy called North Texas coach Seth Littrell. You good? Healy asked. Yep, Littrell said. You? Yep, Healy said. “You are the biggest fan of your opponent for five of six days each week,” Healy said.


Charlotte beats WK goes to 3-1
FAU loses to Southern Miss goes to 4-2
Charlotte beat Marshall - Charlotte goes to 4-1 Marshall goes to 4-2

Is 4-1 better than 4-2?