Charlotte on VH1s Best Week Ever

I was watching best week ever for this week and they were talking about colleges offering pop culture classes, and they mentioned a college in cali that is offering a class on lil kim, a lot of business schools are offering classes on the apprentice, and then they talked about charlotte offering the idol course. It was pretty cool to hear about us on something other than a news channel. And they said the name of the school correctly, even though they did say university of north carolina at charlotte, but that’s way better than hearing the wrong school name. They also called that an upgrade as well as the lil kim class. the apprentice class however, was a downgrade.

Just thought that was kinda cool, wonderin if anyone else saw it.

i saw it, i think that show is hilarious
i thought it was syracuse that had the lil kim class

i saw it and it was great, but i didn’t get to watch it.