Charlotte St Patricks Day Parade 3/19

[size=1.35em][font=tahoma]Well it is approaching that time again! Anyone that has done this in the past can attest to how much fun this is! Getting the info out now so people can plan if need be. We just registered.[/font]

[font=tahoma]The parade happens on 3/19. I don’t have many other details yet, but wanted to invite anyone and everyone that wants to walk with us. I will have the Normbulance and we will most likely have some folks from the Alumni Association and maybe a few dusters and/or cheer leaders and possibly Norm. I won’t hold my breath on any AD staff coming, but you never know. There are around 100,000 people in downtown Charlotte for this. It is a HUGE event. If you think our marketing sucks then rather than sit on here and complain about it - come join us! Just reply to this thread so we know you are interested. [/font][font=tahoma][font=Tahoma]Here are the details:
[ul][li][size=1.35em][font=helvetica]Here are the details for the 2016 [/font]Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade:[/size][/li]
[li][size=1.35em][font=helvetica]The [/font]Green Roots “Line of March Number” is 76.[/size][/li]
[li][font=helvetica][size=1.35em]The parade lineup will start at the corner of North Tryon Street and 9th Street, extend past North Tryon Street and 11th Street to where Church Street splits off to the right from North Tryon Street. Last year they had the spots numbered on the sidewalk, I’d imagine they’ll do that again.[/size][/font][/li]
[li][size=1.35em]I will get down a little earlier to get lined up but everyone else should around 10:30 at the latest.[/size][/li]
[li][size=1.35em]If you are having an problems finding us, please contact me at 704-994-3285.[/size][/li]
[li][size=1.35em]Please wear Charlotte 49ers paraphernalia.[/size][/li]
[li][size=1.35em]The parade will take place rain or shine!


clt says drag the ruins of the belk tower behind you.

NWA…I really appreciate you doing this and helping to coordinate the event! We’ve wanted to do this a couple years now and hope it works in our schedule to be a part of it. Definitely interested and hope to make it out. Will update with confirmation later.

Less than a month out! Put this on your schedule!

I know it’s not the place, but it would be kinda funny if you dragged a fake belk tower behind the normbulance for a home game.

Coming up soon!

If you have never participated, I can’t express in the English language just how magical this event is on a yearly basis. You could probably say it in Gaelic though.

I will gladly give you details of my experience doing the parade and bar crawl together in a non-public forum at the event.

[font=inherit][size=4]a draíochta[/size][/font]

FB Invite just went out. If you didn’t get it let me know.

So how’s this coming together NWA?

First post updated with details! Please come out and join us - its a blast!

…and be sure to wear [size=7]GREEN[/size].

Which shade of green? ;D

Which shade of green? ;D[/quote]

“Officially”: PMS 349.


This is tomorrow! Again I say - if you think our marketing sucks, come be a part of the solution!

Check out #98!

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Check out #98![/quote]

[quote=“emf, post:18, topic:30132”][quote=“NinerWupAss, post:17, topic:30132”]

Check out #98![/quote]


Be careful the next time you are on campus NWA.

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Check out #98![/quote][/quote]

Be careful the next time you are on campus NWA.


I figured I was PE #2 behind Metro, but then Pip filed the FOIA so I am probably #3 now.