Charlotte St Patrick's Parade 3/16/19

Once again it is parade time!

Many of you folks complain about us not being visible enough in the city, or about attendance or about fund raising - all kinds of stuff. Well now is the time to actually help us by just walking in a parade.

We are #78 in line and will line up on North Tryon. I will have the ambulance there, so it will be easy to find us. Come on out. It is a ton of fun, is family friendly and a great way to help us with the brand.

Step Off is 11AM, but we probably won’t move until 11:30 at the earliest.

Who is in?
NWA + Fam
Continuing Education
Alumni Association

Unfortunately I’m out this year, t-ball szn.

They giving out spring game football tickets again? I know they did a few years ago. Last year’s was a voucher for like $5 off (or maybe it was for a $5 ticket).

I am not sure what give aways they are bringing, but I am sure they will bring something.

I’ll be there with the wife, daughter, and dog. Only the dog and I are walking in the parade.

I’ll bring some beer this year instead of being a mooch

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I’m most likely going to be joining with my 8 year old. Any suggestions on best parking decks? How about what to wear/bring?

Wear Green? Preferably Niner stuff. Seek me out.

Best parking suggestion I have is parking on the south side near baseball and roma. The parade starts on the north end and its easier to walk up that direction and be near car when parade is over. The deck across from baseball stadium would be a good place.

Also glad you are joining us!

Had a great time yesterday and an amazing turnout with AD including Hill and Fuller, AA, Con Ed and more folks coming out. Our group was probably around 40 folks. AD had special T-shirt’s printed up, and brought footballs. Con Ed brought a ton of balls to pass out.

NLP, Mac, HotRod, bleeds, Bo and McEntire Fam and more showed up. It is always a great time. I say this every year - but if you come On this board and complain about branding and visibility and don’t come out and join what is one of the easiest things in the world to do, you need to rethink your complaints and decide if you want to just complain or be a part of the solution.


To be clear, NWA is referring to Continuing Education (past two years they’ve brought a ton of handouts for the crowd), not Consolidated Edison.

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I did wonder, thanks.

clt says thanks for the clarification.

You guys looked great from the spectator side! Here’s the shirt if anyone is curious. Not sure who you are, but whoever hooked the guy in the green sequin sport coat and Niner shirt up with a shirt, thanks!


Chris Fuller made those shirts happen for us to give away. Very thankful for his support this year.


Second this sentiment, bitching online only gets us so far. Also, how often are you going to get the chance to stand in the middle of Trade & Tryon and scream the Forty-Niners chant?

Great to see all the smiling faces, people waving, and people having a good time.