Charlotte Stained Glass Fixture

Would be awesome…with one minor exception.


Wow from Target? Nice.

Obviously, just being sold through the Target website via 3rd Party manufacturer…

I wonder if you can find out who it is and request that the ahem… issue… be fixed?

I bet that is just one panel that can be easily swapped out, even on both sides.

That’s nice.

But I will wait to see if McCormick & Schmick’s uptown ever closes. If they do, I want the light they have over the their bar with the c-pick 49ers logo on it.

IIRC, it took some prodding by Judy to get that made and hung up in their restaurant. But it looks damn nice.

That would be awesome over a pool table, sans the friggin UNC.

Any pics of the McCormick & Schmick’s light? Never seen it.

When I buy a house, I want a gentlemen’s room. That glass over the pool table, the Niner clock on the wall, and the Niner bar tables and matching stools shall dominate the room should they all still be available.

Some well placed duck tape could fix the eyesore portion of that.


I think I’ll pass on that one! I might consider it if it just had Charlotte. No way am I dropping $500 on some UNC crap!!