Charlotte Stock.....

Buy or sell?

[URL=]Charlotte 49ers [/URL]

thats a sweet website.

that website is pretty sweet. I wonder if you can buy “conference mutual funds”. :slight_smile:

I like it a lot.
Awesome time killer.

I hold no Charlotte in my portfolio at this point although I’m shorting the hell out of NC State.

If anyone wants to get on shoot me you e-mail address so I can get the referral.



sell b-ball stock.
buy f-ball future options.

Sweet site. Thanks for sharing.

Buy or sell?

[URL=]Charlotte 49ers [/URL]

I just don’t understand finance at all; I am a terrible Jew.

IMHO, CLT is a great “green chip” stock. Besides, it pays dividend, too. I’ll get as much as I could, a great investment for retirement. The only downside is it’s not really that good for day trader, though.

I’ve been on there for a while. It’s helpful for learning about up an coming fantasy players.
Here’s my [URL=]“portfolio”[/URL]