Charlotte to add Women's Lacrosse for 2024-25 🥍


Not just hot on college campuses. I drove to work today and was interested to see kids playing lacrosse in the park near my house.

First 200 fans get a copy of the rules. :neutral_face:


Looks like a good hire.

anyone know how many full schollies the team will have on offer?

Twelve scholarships at the D-I level:

Pretty cool. More than I thought.

Lacrosse unis:



Net them balls ladies! Do us proud!



Here’s a good look at the new lacrosse unforms on an actual player.


I wonder why so many people have left this site and gone to the other one?

Excited to add the sport. Looks like some excitement is brewing. Always a good thing. Let’s dominate this thing.

Probably because of the no politics rule. This board gets too off the rails

There is a politics forum on this site and that is where all political discussions occur.

If the comment about the player was out of bounds, we have a report function. Feel free to use it.

Let’s keep this discussion on topic please.

On thing about the progress towards Lacrosse is that I believe it adds pressure to continue building out the master plan. I’m as interested in that as I am in sponsoring a new sport, to be honest.

What other site?

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I was about to ask the same thing. I know I’m really out of the loop these days but I can’t imagine I completely missed a second nnn. Not that I’d want to leave. This one is awesome


Wishing the new team the greatest success. Funny, when the team was announced, I thought we would get a chance to be in the AAC later by being affiliated with the AAC in the sport. Never dreamed we would already be in the conference when we started play. Exciting times for Niner sports.


Agent49 is the other site. Not sure why it was decided to split. This is an excellent Niner forum.


Agent49 is a Discord server and more of an alternative to the Shoutbox than NN.N as a whole. Discord is a good format for active discussions while a message board is better for retaining information long-term. I don’t see them as competitors, I think they compliment each other. Also, Discord is more familiar to younger fans who are into gaming than message boards, who’s users tend to be approaching or past middle age.

Originally I think Agent49 was asked to take over our defunct Rivals site, NinerReport, but decided to do his own thing instead for various reasons. In effect Agent49 is our most accurate recruiting site.