Charlotte to Hire Michigan associate Head Coach Biff Poggi as new Head Football Coach


Has this always been a role or it is new?

Yeah, it seems like we have a lot bigger football staff.

One of the first things Biff did was review the strength and conditioning program. He said players were not improving physically enough and we had to get better there. Not surprised he has put a priority on strength and conditioning.


Our neighbor played football at Troy and is pretty big into following Alabama/SEC football (go figure). He mentioned knowing our S&C hire when we made it but didnt know who our new HC was.

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Thought this was a football thread :wink:

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Lookes like we have hired more than one S&C this go around as well. These dudes look legit, not just hype beasts.

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We need this guy



The Athletic noticing the smoke coming from Charlotte.


We will have flipped over half our roster in one off-season. Win or lose, we have to be one of the most interesting stories in college football. Also one of the biggest question marks.


Any chance he can help recruit basketball as well?


If Biff turns this around in 1 or two years that’s putting enormous pressure on Ron assuming he isn’t getting fire at end of this year. Which I don’t think is out of the realm of possibility


I think I get what you mean. If anything, what Poggi is doing should give Ron good reason to worry about his job next year. Ron only needed to recruit a few high impact players and coach them up for mutual success. It’s taken Ron this long to have any measure of success, weak schedule he damned. Too little, too late for Ron.

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Has Ryan Osborn DC been officially hired? Did I miss something?


To your point, it doesn’t appear so:

But the man is listing himself as the D.C. in his Twitter profile, and Hunter Bailey confirmed it last month:

He was also really pumped to get here and get to work:

Possibility they are still working on a contract for him?

Possible. I look forward to a formal introduction.

Love that.