Charlotte to Hire Michigan associate Head Coach Biff Poggi as new Head Football Coach

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The OC Miller comes across like a random guy they plucked out of a keg party that says he plays a lot of Madden.

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This little nugget was in an interview with Steve Spurrier today in the o. Very interesting. :flushed:


I am surprised we are interviewing the OC at Tulsa. Nothing against Tulsa or Spurrier Jr. but I would hope we are aiming a little higher than that. He was one of the coaches we beat this year.


It’s Spurrier’s son and Mike Hill is a Gator. That is all. Now, the son might be the second coming. Then again, I reference here Buddy Ryan. He produced some good coordinators but not a good Head Football Coach.

Still have confidence in Biff?
  • Yes, I want to see how we do next year before being too negative on Biff
  • No, there is enough evidence out there that makes me think this won’t end well
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I knew he was a candidate…would have been interesting