Charlotte Women's Soccer ⚽

Highlight : working for and getting a one-on-one with the keeper off the line.
Lowlight: Keeping the shot on the ground instead of lofting it above the defender’s head. Plenty of room at the top of the cage when the defender can’t touch the ball with their hands.

Not sure what the keeper was doing except watching and hoping.

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Game time in Tampa. The team’s are on the field and…Lightning delay.
I hate Florida.

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At half, no score.
It is obvious that S Fla is the better team. In additon to being good, they are quite dirty. Targeting our best players for heavy fouls. They lead in shots 6-0 and in fouls 10-2, with a couple more that should have been called
It would be a minor miracle should we escape with a draw.

Bulls should have received several yellows already. No. 4 in particular.

Full time 0-0.
Foul in the box toward the end on South Florida–not called, of course.
Wakeman with about a hundred saves :blush:

Edit: Looking at replay: South Florida scored an apparent goal that wasn’t called a goal.
Karma for all the dirty shit they were doing whole game long. I hope our girls are quick healers.