Basketball Notebook Basketball Notebook - Oct 4

[b]The ACC Handbook lists the 49ers at #22 on their preseason Top 25 chart. [/b]

a little respect from the ACC, nice

interesting note about Tolliver…

Guess the Observer just got the memo about Tolliver since there was a small blurb about it this morning’s paper. Nice story about the Toronto trip…NOT! :rolleyes:

A guy that I work with brought in his scrapbook from the '75-'76 season the other day. It’s 11x17 and filled with newspaper clippings, photos, ticket stubs, souveniers and such. I can’t say how cool it was seeing the parade the city threw for the team after the NIT run. But even cooler was seeing Max in his straight pimpadellic feather hat (I wouldn’t kid you. It’s amazing!) waiving to the crowd.

Anyway, I thought that would be kinda cool for the wife and I to do for this season.

The first page is still blank Mike P.

Please don’t leave it that way until November 20th. In 75-76 we were nobodies on the national scene, yet I can see from this scrapbook that the Observer covered us. Religiously.

Think about it.

o Impressive stat Withers shot 65% in international ball this summer and avg. almost 10pts a game…

Do you have a link to the Observer article on this weekends games.

amnesiac, i do not think such a story exists.

NA, there was a scrapbook of some sort printed back then that had all the Observer clippings from the 75-76 season. I have one stored away somewhere in my old sports info office “junk” box. Glenn Rollins and Stan Olson did some good writing on the 49ers back then.

Those were some good times, oh the stories! One of the “favorites,” a weekend in PA, waist-deep snow, cold that even the guys from NJ complained about. We walked on an airplane in Pittsburgh the Sunday morning after losing to St. Francis (Watkins out with pulled groin and Maxwell ejected after throwing a punch, Coach Rose heaving a bag of oranges at the locker room door as I was entering) was a flight attendant asking Cornbread the obvious… “Are you a basketball team?” He simply deadpanned as only he could do, “Nope, a boxing team.” It broke all of us up, including the coaches. A week later, the 49ers began a 13-game winning streak, which unfortunately ended in Atlanta. BTW, Rose did apologize to me… years later when we reminisced about the snowy weekend in White Hell.

I remember all the people who baked cornbread for Maxwell, who can’t stand the stuff! :lol: (BTW, Max got the nickname from a 1975 movie, “Cornbread, Earl & Me”.)

That’s the scrapbook HP. The guy I work with has several of them, plus some huge AP photo prints from back then. A bunch from MSG/NIT. But my favorite print might be Wat & Massey walking down the NY streets with a couple of the bench players, all in their fly 70’s gear. Wat had some muttonchop burns too. It’s sweet. Looks like an episode of Shaft or somethin.

Yep, Wat and Jerry Winston had some fine looking hair back then, but Mike “Doc” Hester had them all beat. :lol:

I’m really sad to see Tolliver go… Does anyone know what his alternative career path is?