Chat Room

Why is the chat room not working?

working for me.


May be something with your Java set up. You could try rebooting.

BTW, I’ll be moving to Atl next year. Are the Alumni active?

I can’t reboot now because the game is too close. As to the alumni, I met once to tour the Atlanta Zoo about 5 years ago and since then they have had a couple of social gatherings I have not been able to meet. But, I haven’t heared much in the last 2 years. Give me a shout when you move to ATL. I live in Snellville, GA for now.

I’ve been in Atlanta for just over a year and I am co-chair of the alumni chapter there. Out of approximately 250 alums in Atlanta, I’ve gotten responses from about 10-15 folks. When I tried to put together events, it was tough going. Only a couple of folks showed.

I’d really like to get the Alumni chapter more active in Atlanta but being so busy doesn’t help much.

Please PM me if you want further info and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.