Chattanooga Mocs Game 11/6


Who is going to win? ESPN shows us with a 66.5% win probability. Are there any viewing options for this game outside of Halton?


i would but i have to work until 615 and i live in greensboro. i will be at the osu game on saturday though. chattanooga won their exhibition game over lee, 62-60. they have some injuries so they will only be suiting up 8-9 scholarship players. like us, they have almost no experience with only one player suiting up on tuesday who has played for them before. also, they were outrebounded in their exhibition game by thirteen.


I am curious to watch Duane Moss, son of ex-49er player and asst coach, Benny Moss. Their team looks young with lots of so and fr.


Will be curious to see what starting 5 comes out. My guess below

JD, Younger, Martin, Mangum and Haslem.

First off the bench: Supica and Robb. I fully expect McGill to get run, but at this point I’d venture he’s last in the 8-man rotation.

Hoping we stay injury free so we don’t have to burn Bertram’s RS.


Moss probably out until december


Moss is at Nooga? Well…


Go on.


FWIW, the Mocs defeated Middle Tennessee in a closed scrimmage last week.




Looking forward to the game tonight. Seeing a new coach and AD at the game will be cool to see. Hope the fans will come out tonight and support the team/new coach. Weather looks rainy throughout, but the temp is suppose to be mid 70s!

If anyone has any extra tickets they need to sell, let me know and can buy them. Will need two. Thanks and go Niners!


Looking forward to the game! I will have my 2 yr old with me and hitting up Picasso’s for the pregame!


Always look forward to the new season. It’s a new dawning in NINER history, so I’m going into it with renewed optimism. And to top it off, my season tix are in the lower arena for the first time ever. GO NINERS!!!


projected starting lineup for chattanooga:
donovan toatley 5’9" freshman
jonathan scott 6’4" junior
jerry johnson 6’1" junior
kevin easley 6’6" freshman
thomas swallwood 7’0" senior

none of these guys have played in a chattanooga uniform before. the juniors are juco transfers. smallwood is a transfer from uab and johnson is a transfer from fairfield. they may only have 8-9 players available.


I have a meeting tonight so I will miss the game, but I will be looking for a good post-game thread. In recent years our games against scrubs have been closer than I would have liked until the end of the game, when our athleticism (Div I vs Div II) overcame their desire and coaching. Tonight I hope we dominate from the tip. That will give me hope.


Chattanooga has been a strong low-mid major since moving to D-I in the late '70s. They won their first NCAA Tournament game in '82 and advanced to the Sweet 16 in '97. They went to the Tournament in '05, '09, and '16. They’ve had 4 coaches in the last 5-6 years. 2 of those coaches left for better jobs. Over time, they should be the top program in the Southern Conference.


I remember a Midnight top off game on ESPN at the Mine Shaft against them, I think they were ranked 10th ?
The Shaft was rocking, Bob Ley on the mike and we played well.


I thought that was East Tennessee State. Wasn’t that the game Jarvis missed a dunk they flew all the way back to half court on the miss??


That was ETSU, led by Keith “Mister” Jennings. IIRC they were ranked 16th. ESPN had to bring in a ton of lights because Belk Gym was so ridiculously dark. I was at that game.

While that was a good memory, it really made me appreciate Halton, which we take for granted now. The entire time I was an undergrad we had to either play in a runty old dirty gym (Belk) or play off campus. As much as we gripe about Halton, we are really lucky to have a nice on campus arena, even if it does need updates now.


It ONLY went to half court?? :smiley: We need a few players with his power!!