Cinci tickets up for trade

Everyone… I have 2 pairs of tickets in section 216 separated by a few rows that I would like to trade for 4 together. My in-laws will be joining us for the game (both UNCC Alums, looking to turn into fans) so if anyone can help build us build Niner Nation by trading with me, I would DEFINITELY appreciate it. Thanks!!

Oh wait, did I just infer that I want to sit with my in-laws? Maybe I should rethink this whole idea. :unsure: :blink: :wacko: :stuck_out_tongue:

you gotta be nuts. if you are a 49er club member try them or the ticket office.

I got the 2 extra tickets that I have from the ticket office at the start of the season. It’s worth a shot right? Someone may be going to the game and not necessarily need to sit together. The people that normally go to the games with us don’t mind sitting seperately. We weren’t sure who we were taking when we got them. The in-laws will have hundreds of questions about players, etc… and I would prefer to help them out and perhaps spark some interest. Just trying to build our fanbase.

Cinci tickets are hard to come by

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

[i]Originally posted by CharlotteAlum[/i]@Jan 31 2005, 07:34 PM [b] Thank you, Captain Obvious. [/b]
that's what I'm here for B)

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: That was very funny… you two should go on the road.

whats the difference between “outlaws” and “in-laws” ???

…outlaws are wanted!!!