Cincy-like Players in the A10

So that it will feel like home, we have some thugs in the A10…


Heard about this on the news during my trip to Philly…

That’s pretty old stuff (the charges – not the trial), hence the reason I didn’t post it. Those guys are now ex-La Salle players, just like the then coach – Billy Hahn – is the ex-coach of the Explorers. Not to say everyone’s an angel in the A-10, as shown by the recent antics of Tyler Relph, Derrick Finn, Dawan Robinson, Ahmad Smith, et al.

“She testified that Neal began to rape her as she was vomiting in the kitchen sink, and that Cleaves then tried to make her simultaneously perform oral sex on him.”

Quite the gentlemen at LaSalle :o

So what you are telling us, is that you went on a biz trip to Philadelphia?