Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


Per latest HoopSeen state rankings:

#15 Brice Williams
#23 Caleb Stone-Carrawell


if they are the 15th and 23rd best players in the state, this is the greatest hoops season in n.c history.


FWIW, 247 ranks Stone-Carrawell #12, while Williams not in their top 15. Jahmir Young #3 in Maryland.


Phenom Hoop guys know/cover the state better than any, so I’d give more credence to their rankings for NC guys.


Agree on Rick Lewis at Phenom. Justin Byerly doing a good job at HoopSeen (and previously at Prep Hoops) too.


So UNCG got 3 of the top 16 recruits in the State.


I noticed that too…


26-5 and 3 of the top 16 NC recruits. Really glad we didn’t try to hire Wes Miller if that’s the best he can do at a powerhouse like UNCG. Just kidding about that because I am happy with the Sanchez hire but it should show us what can happen if you give a young first time head coach more than 1 or even 2 seasons to prove what they can do. We are where we are, like it or not, partially because of bad hires but maybe even more so because of the constant coaching changes. If we are calling for Sanchez’s head after next seasons we as fans could be a big part of the problem.


Not sure I agree with this at all.

Many of us wanted Lutz retained.

Major was medically unable to coach.

I don’t think anyone was calling for Price’s head, that was a reactionary decision by Judy when we went after her.


Wes Miller HC record. Everyone would have wanted him fired after year 3.

note, his wins shot up once SOCON lost top teams


…and after year 5


SAD that we are looking at UNC-G with longing eyes. What a travesty, what a tragedy our once proud program has had to endure over the past 14 years. Makes me sick.


I am well aware of their record. I live in the Greensboro area and my wife is a UNCG alum. I can actually see coverage of UNCG in the triad. Most of the local news around the triad don’t even know that we exist but they gladly cover App and ECU. The record is exactly my point. No way people on this board would give a coach as long as UNCG gave Miller. But I would gladly give up 5 years of being crappy to mediocre if it would get us to 25-6 and pulling in 3 of the top 20 recruits in the state. I know that’s easy to say in hindsight. Miller was allowed to stay because UNCG has never been successful so the fans are not as impatient as we are. And I’m not saying this fanbase ran Major or Price off. Just hoping we don’t run Sanchez off after a few bad seasons because he started out with pretty much nothing.


UNCG also gets to play in the coliseum, which is a big time arena which they can sell to recruits.


They “get” to play in a big time arena? You must not know how long it took us to get Halton and not “have” to play miles away from campus in “big time arenas”. Perspective is everything.


The Coliseum is not a recruiting tool. That’s like saying Appy states nice area with Tarps on half the seats is a recruiting tool. Kids don’t want to play in an arena they will never see full of their own fans.


Thing is, as soon as Sanchez gets us to where we want to be…he’ll get sucked away by a
P5 and we’ll be starting over again !
Hopefully with Hill in charge we won’t take several steps backwards, when that happens.


Like Keatts at UNC-W, Wes Miller will be gone before long too, and UNC-G will have to roll the dice on an unproven replacement because nobody dreams of coaching there. Davidson and Wofford have managed to keep good coaches at a time when that no longer happens. Miller is probably already looking for his shot to replace ol’ Roy because the Rams Club will demand someone in the fairly weak family tree get that job.


Or maybe he likes it here and we keep him. Gonzaga probably thought they would,lose few years ago but they kept him.


Maybe but unlikely. Cosches like few and mckillop are exceptions.