Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


For every coach that gets 4 or 5 years of being hot garbage and ends up being a success, there are 20 that were hot garbage and just ended up hot garbage. You have to make decisions based on the specific set of circumstances. We will see where Sanchez is, recruiting, progress, etc. wise at year 4. Hopefully this won’t have to be a discussion, because we will be dancing, but maybe not.


McKillop has had a few opportunities over the last 8-10 years yes, but his first 15-20 years (pre-Steph) and I’ve said this before, were nothing special at all. So, he has not been turning people down for decades like Few has.


No argument there, he was just one if the few i could even think of that hasnt chased money given the opportunity. It’s exceedingly rare and probably a pipe dream to think Sanchez would stay if highly successful here.


On the way to see Cox Mill Play South West Guilford in the North Carolina 3A regionals. Excited to see Caleb Stone-Carawell in person


I wish that game was being televised


At least 25% of our success the next few years is on his shoulders right? Him and Williams is about 50%?


And the reurning guys, guys sitting out, young, risotto, coaches.


I think Young is going to be the best of the four.


SW Guilford beats Cox Mill by 30


Csc was 5-14 with 11 pts and 4 rebounds.

Wendell more was 3-14 with 19 points.

Not going to win many games when your best players combine to shoot 8-28.


UNCG beats Duke + Charlotte. Ouch.


South west Guilford stifled Cox Mill with their defense double teaming & triple teaming Wendell and Caleb. Southwest Guilford with a great team effort by 5 players shut down Cox Mills best two and the other three players on Cox Mill were ineffective. Very disappointing


How did csc look? To the above post, tintin, why do you think young will be the best of the four?


Can’t speak.for tintin but he has played stronger competition at dematha thsn the other two have.


What National said. I mean no slight to our local recruits, I just think Young will come in less “freshmanny” than our other three.

He doesn’t get the local press, but I’m hoping he’s going to be a legend type player


If we were a part of running Price off that’s something to be proud of. He was completely clueless. Putting Lutz on the hot seat ,year after year at the end of his tenure was reckless by Judy.


Loved Bobby, but some of y’all seem to forget or ignore the fact that he was hot for the TN job, didn’t get it and was never into the job here afterward. Still, part of me wishes he was still here. He may have been able to get over it and get himself and us back on track. We’ll never know.



Anyone know anything about JayDen Turner with SouthWest Guilford that scored 29 on Cox Mill yesterday. Was this a fluke or is he that good and where is he going to college


To answer my own question above about JayDen Turner I found he only has two division 2 offers