Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


I had never heard of the kid before yesterday. Was supposedly a bench player all year. He’s a 2019.



Brice Williams named second team All District 9.




Another grad transfer to monitor:


Who is leaving to make room?


TBD. As i said in shoutbox I’m monitoring McGill, Supica and Mangum.


Younger ?


who would we be most disappointed to see transfer?


Martin, followed by younger.


Personally I’m not worried about Younger.


Milos. I think this is the year he puts in together. :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, you never know but Sanchez recruited Younger, not Price so I think he is more likely to stay.


Sorry to dredge up an old discussion, but this board largely supported Lutz’ removal at the time. Few people gave Rose credit for it though, since she completely screwed up the extension and had us on the hook for his salary for years after.
I didn’t agree with the timing of removing Price, but it was inevitable by the end of the year, the program and the team was lost. That said, it at least gave Hill a clean slate when he arrived, so he didn’t have to have an evaluation period with Price (like with Lambert).
Sanchez should get 5 years with an asterisk, and that asterisk is if he appears to have lost the team and is floundering in recruiting, then we shouldn’t wait the full 5. I think you give people time, but there does need to be at least some evidence they could be successful in the next couple years after year 3. But by year 4 or 5, you need to see something realized, not just promise (as we saw with Major, who recruited pretty well, but never could put a successful team together for many reasons).
I like the recruits Sanchez has brought in so far. As long as they don’t all transfer, I think there’s promise going forward. Hopefully it’s realized.


My biggest problem with the Alan Major transition was the talent that next team would’ve had. Dorn, Woods, Izundu, etc. That team would’ve been pretty stellar.


But Major already had a history of transfer issues. No knowing if Woods and Dorn would have stayed. Major recruited one and done guys for the ACC to have instead of the NBA.


Jaylan McGill is in this list from Jeff Goodman, not really a surprise at this point as he started following assistants from other coaching staffs earlier this week:

list also includes Bryant Thomas and Najee Garvin


Bet that spot isn’t vacant for long.


Can confirm that McGill is in the transfer portal.

Scholarship table updated with McGill’s departure: