Clemson Jarhead Showing Love

"I live in Charlotte, and the school is a big joke up here… Most of the graduates treat it that way as well.

  1. I’ll start on their support of their students. At graduation, their students get an empty envelope when they walk across the stage. Sure, we’ve heard of this before (even though no other school in the region does this), but have you ever heard of a school not even confirming the student graduated until 4-6 weeks AFTER that graduation ceremony? That’s how they roll at UNC Charlotte. Students that need proof of degree for future employment simply cannot get it without some sort of special scenario until a month or more after graduation! Wouldn’t it suck to find out a month later that you didn’t graduate?!

  2. They give ZERO support to their military on campus. Get this – their ROTC programs have requested to use their auditorium facilities on campus to conduct commissioning ceremonies for the new 2nd Lieutenants, and the school hits the ROTC units with a huge bill. TO COMMISSION THEIR OWN STUDENTS! The bill is so expensive, that the ROTC units have found cheaper options for facilities in the middle of uptown Charlotte! …and uptown Charlotte isn’t cheap!

  3. The mascot of UNC Charlotte is the 49er. Like a mining dude you ask? Nope! It’s because the school survived being shut down in 1949 as Charlotte Center of UNC. Technically their mascot is the owls… they just gave up on the owls monicker.

  4. The school has the most confusing name in collegiate history - worse than UofSC! Is it University of North Carolina - Charlotte? University of Charlotte? Just Charlotte? UNCC? NC Charlotte? North Carolina - Charlotte? University of North Carolina at Charlotte? No one will agree. Supposedly there’s an uprising wanting to abandon the “UNC” in their name, but the school won’t get on-board for some reason so it will remain confusing. Weird.

  5. This is not their first football team. In fact, Charlotte Center of UNC, or whatever the school is called, began their football program by opening to losses versus the Clemson “B Team” and Davidson’s “JV Squad.”

  6. They’ve seen previous success in basketball, but that program has embarrassments even at its peak. One of the most successful coaches at UNCC was Bobby Lutz. He had multiple NCAA tournament births and is the winningest head coach in program history…and they fired him. Lutz’ 49ers were expected to contend for their first NCAA Tournament berth as an Atlantic 10 member in 2009-10. With eight games to go in the season, they had a record of 18-5 and seemed well on their way to a bid. However, they went 1-7 the rest of the way. They bottomed out in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Tournament against UMass when they came out of a timeout with six men on the court. The resulting technical foul derailed a last-ditch rally, and they lost the game. After not even receiving an NIT bid, Lutz was fired on March 15, 2010. Sad.

  7. Their entire school pretty much shut down over the Charlotte riots in 2016, even though the riots were secluded to a single street corner in uptown Charlotte, no where near the campus. Oh…the school didn’t shut down for safety reasons; it shut down because the students decided to have a sleep-in within the student union area. If you didn’t already know, the cause of the riots was due to police shooting an unarmed man, who turned out to be armed…you just couldn’t see the weapon on the cell phone footage that went viral, and everyone assumed negative of police before getting the full story.

  8. Remember the horrible shooting on campus earlier this year? It made national news and included a hero student from Western NC. Well, the school has had 3 more deadly shootings this year, but because they occurred at off campus housing they didn’t receive national media coverage. The place is getting more dangerous than Five Points.

  9. Per the National Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges academic rankings, UNC Charlotte ranks as “Competitive” which is the second lowest of 5 tiers in the rankings. For situational awareness, Davidson is “Most Competitive” which is the highest ranking, Clemson is “Highly Competitive” which is the second highest, and UofSC is “Very Competitive” which is third highest.

  10. Their most notable graduate is Clay Aiken. He got 2nd place in American Idol."

A Charlotte Grad

I yawn at this.:tired_face:

It must really suck to have to drive hours out to the middle of nowhere to get to your school. Maybe someday they’ll have a building that breaks 5 stories and not be afraid of black people off the football field.


Let him talk. What did he really say that’s false? They are the top program in college football. If he feels the need to chirp at us, that’s a big W in the line of how big this program can be.

clt says that chat page is from 1997. complete garbage, like that post

If we suck so much why does he know so much about us or spend time writing a two page synopsis?


Exactly. Nobody talks crap to wcu, or a and t, or uncw, or places like this for a reason. Mockery shows that they fear you. They see our potential. If they didn’t, their mouths would be shut.

I feel bad for anyone who got his girlfriend slammed by so many guys on our basketball team that he felt the need to write that missive.

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I’d say only 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and 10 at a minimum.

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Over the years we have beaten Clemson in most every sport but football. I can live with what is likely to happen on Saturday, because when it is all over I know that Clemson, SC will still be the hick town that hick town Anderson, SC makes fun of.

LOL. That’s a lot of hatred and a lot of trouble to share it with the world. I know a couple good therapists in Charlotte that maybe could help this poor bastard out with his mental health.

Wow, that person put in some time. Maybe he should be on some list at the school.

Fortunately he got a lot of crap from others on the board and he has deleted the post now.

People talking shit about us means we exist and are no longer irrelevant. If we want to get to the level we think we should be, winning consistently and competing for championships, haters will start coming out of the woodwork. Think about all the shit UCF fans take. That’s where we want to be. With winning records and rings to back it up and be able to talk shit back. Big boy football.


Obviously a demented person that was probably rejected for admission to Charlotte and developed a personal vendetta against us.

I am so happy that I don’t care so much about things I don’t care about. His life would be happier if he didn’t care nearly as much about things he shouldn’t care about. We all have a limited number of f*cks to give in life, and I hope we all choose to give them on things that really matter to us.

  1. I work in higher ed. Confirming degrees 4-6 weeks after commencement is the standard everywhere. Not just UNC Charlotte. Get over it or try to change the system, you whiny bitch.

  2. Billing subunits for space on campus? Literally also a standard in higher ed. I don’t care who you are. When you use the venue I work at on campus (UofSC), you get billed. Plain and simple. Again, whiny bitch.

  3. Why the hell does this even matter? At least there is a story behind it. Does Clemson have a story behind the Tiger? Not really. There are no tigers in Upstate South Carolina, and it’s a common-ass mascot that like 20+ schools use. COOL BRO!

  4. Yep.

  5. You mean we had a young football program at one point in time? No shit, Sherlock. The Ohio State Buckeyes barely survived Ohio Wesleyan University in their first game ever. How does this matter when considering our future?

  6. I just can’t. This scenario is not unique to Charlotte, or literally any other NCAA D1 Basketball program.

  7. The school did not fucking “shut down” during the 2016 riots. Does this fucker even live in CLT? I was at work and class every day during the riots, both on the main and Uptown campuses.

  8. “The School” has not had three more deadly shootings this year you fucking liar. This is a large metro area. It has crime. Not something that Clemson bumfuck folks would understand. Unlike Clemson, not everything that happens in our city is a part of the University… Because we have an actual city.

  9. Color me stupid, but somehow, after working in higher ed for five years and responding to numerous surveys from US News and World Reports, Forbes, etc. I have never heard of “the National Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges.” I Googled it, and the top result was a BS link and the second one was an irrelevant Amazon link. Where they hell are they getting this stuff?

  10. Idk, is Clay our most notable graduate? I don’t give a shit about this point. Beyond NFL players and Tea Party politicians, Clemson has 0 notable alumni.

You know, I work for UofSC and went to Charlotte. That said, I never hated Clemson that much. Watching their fans shit talk us this week as a huge underdog has made me hate them so much.

Fuck you, you stupid-ass ugly orange boondock uncle fuckers. Why don’t you go found an entire university just because you hate black people… oh wait, you did, it’s called Clemson.


Strong entry post! Welcome to the board!


clt says you just cancelled that guy.

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