Clemson prediction

Whats is everybodys prediction for tonights game?
I think we will cover the spread and will score the most points against Clemson has allowed this season. I’m worried about our run D up the middle, special teams (of course), and not having Gemmell will hurt because he calls plays for our defense. I’m excited to see LeMay and our stud wide receivers against the Clemson defense. Highsmith will have 2 sacks on Lawrence.

About to leave for Clemson soon can’t wait to see all of the green at Memorial Stadium. GO NINERS!!


42-17, only because Dabo takes his foot off the gas after the first half.

I just hope we don’t get beaten down to the extent that we have to agree to a running clock by the 4thQ. This is what happened to ODU several years ago in Chapel Hill.

Yes, definitely hope this doesn’t happen!

clt says we shock the FB world

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Two of the Tigers’ scores come from special teams.

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45-17 Clemson


L 56-13. It will be 28-0 after the first quarter and Dabo will call off the kitties in the 2nd half. I foresee their D scoring 2TDs and maybe 1 TD on special teams. Cruz will get a 50 yard FG. Really Hope we come out with no injuries. That’s a W for me so we can do some damage in conference.

I dunno but Coastal Carolina is beating UMass 42-14 at halftime , so we probably shouldn’t put too much stock into our win over the Minutemen.

Look, after our game, umass just quit on the season. They’re mailing it in now.

Dabo will take the foot off the gas once they reach 40+ pts…just a matter of how long it takes them to get there. Could certainly be by halftime.

I’m just afraid the score will look even worse because we will give up 1 or 2 special teams TDs too…add that to what their offense will do and the score could look bad. Lord help us if their Defense scores on us too.

even though i know we aren’t gonna win this game, i’m still nervous. nervous to see if we can not embarrass ourselves. i don’t mean that exactly how it sounds but i don’t wanna lose this game like 80-7 or something like that. i wanna put up a fight for a quarter or two and if they wear us down later, i can live with that but i wanna show that we are a respectable team and not some patsy you bring in for an easy win.

Coastal crushed Kansas who crushed BC in Boston last week. The got some talent there