Clt Amtrak Station groundbreaking


McAppFan says that first a rail line would need to be built from Boone to Lenoir and not piss off Google in the process or Boone to Wilkesboro along with upgrades to the Caldwell County RR or the Yadkin Valley RR. He figures $500 million to $750 million but just a guess. He also points out there is a rail line within miles of UNCC and miles of UNC-CHeat. McAppFan has determined most traffic travels north from Charlotte and this is not a coincidence.



I rode the Blue line down and back from the Clay/UNCC platform.

Is purchasing tickets for the Lynx just an inside joke for city residents? Outside of some paint on the concrete I did not see any way to enforce purchasing tickets. I assume there are spot checks, but what is the fine for no ticket?

Lots of housing development near the line. How much of a premiumin for rent for being beside the track and platforms?



This is not even me trying to troll you for being an app guy. I saw a guy pull a group of ~20 off the train the other day. It’s a 50 dollar fine the first time, but if you get caught more than once, the fine goes up exponentially, and can even lead to a misdemeanor according to the signage. Absolutely buy a ticket every time. One ticket is 12 light rail round trips. Rent is skyrocketing around the line man. Really regret not buying a house over there.



clt learned a new word today, premiumin



huh? explain



A round trip on the light rail is about 4 dollars. 12 round trips is about 48 dollars. One ticket is 50 dollars.



So the $50 ticket you get from the cop costs about the same as the 12 round-trip train tickets you could buy. I think the use of the word “ticket” is both contexts is what is confusing.



clt asks if that includes premiumin seating?



I was guessing about $50 for a fine at first or maybe a bit higher even. Enough to discourage the attempt to not ride without a ticket.

I was expecting someone to jump on/off at least once to check tickets. Maybe not ride the entire ride but check around the CTC area. I was heading back north from the I-485 station during a time when folks were getting off work enough that is was getting close to all the seats being used.

Thanks for the answer.



Just an FYI, this morning at about 8:30 there were about 7-8 police and “special police” waiting for people to get off at 7th st station to check tickets.



This makes me very happy. As a rule follower (I can’t help it), I want all those scofflaws punished. A $50 fine and 10 hours polishing the track with steel wool sounds about right.



I wish mass transit were free or maybe 50 cent one way if purchased with a monthly pass, but it is not so fares pay for upkeep plus more of course.