Clt asks when this will happen at Charlotte?

WOW. Some of taking PC to a new level.

Just put our Niner is a pair of tight jeans and we will get JR funding forever and the statue will stay!!!

When the Dallas cowboys get rid of their nickname/mascot is when we will. Really? Didn’t know gold miners were part of the genocide of indigenous peoples. I was waiting on this though. Pssst! Did y’all know most of the miners were white? That will be the next issue to appear.

What the Hell? I guess since our nickname has nothing to do with the Gold Rush, we will replace Norm with a mascot resembling Miss Bonnie, huh?

Nothing that happens in California surprises me. I spent enough time out there to know how crazy it can be. A long story short I saw a company spend millions of dollars recreating a habitat for an extinct frog just on chance that it comes back it will have a place to live.

Everyone is quick to call out excessive PC, but know nothing factual. This is California, a long way from Charlotte North Carolina, and a simple google of “genocide california goldrush” returns some really ugly facts of the impact to indigenous people during the time around the California gold rush. If you were Native American, you would already know and understand this history, but as caucasians, you are able to play ignorant and belittle it to excessive PC.

This will never happen in Charlotte because there is no history that ties the small gold rush in Charlotte to anything troubling to any certain demographic, heritage, etc.

Just throwing it out there in case anyone cares to take this opportunity to learn something.

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Must…resist…political comment.:weary:

clt avoids opportunities to learn something.

I must have missed the race question when I signed up to this forum.

My views of Californians comes from extensive experience of being in the state. It is like a different world from the East Coast and Midwest. There are some really good people there and there are some nut jobs. The nut jobs paint the streets white to cut down on global warming.

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