Clt asks why do appys hate Charlotte?

clt says they fear having the one thing (football, and the spread is now DOWN to 13.5] that they can claim over Charlotte.

If that goes away saturday or in 2019, what happens?

Also have Napoleon complex.

clt says they also seem to want to mimic our colors

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ~ Yosef

I think they hate us because, compared to them, we are the rich kid who hasn’t done shit with our potential. They have overachieved and punched above their weight for quite some time, but they know if we ever take advantage of our benefits as far as the size of our alumni base, the city we are in, the market we are in, etc, they will eventually pale by comparison and all of the overachieving they’ve done won’t mean anything anything. They’ll be left behind as we look to bigger and better institutions as our measuring stick. Furthermore, given where we are currently, we have looked down our nose at them far more than our accomplishments substantiate.

I’d hate us if I were them too.


You are delusional lmao

I don’t know if they hate us or not, but they probably know that if we had a decent coaching staff that knew how to recruit, we could really hurt their recruiting

clt says great takes. Another take is that we have our sights on the SEC and have an AD from the SEC.

Because we are good looking.

Does anyone remember when this self-professed bad ass was done with this board? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Well said

Yep that’s it … because you will be a SEC member…lmfao.

You got everything right except the part about leaving us behind. Good luck with your ODU game and a hunt for a bowl game. It is doeable with what I saw. I like Reynolds and Cruz is money. Enjoyed trading insults with y’all. Let’s do it again next year. We’ve asked for time off from Boost Mobile and you be sure to let the call center know you are coming to banjo country. We will even invite Clt to our tailgate assuming he’s not a Russian troll.


Jesus Christ. What a tool.