clt provides a preview of the upcoming season



Hoe we do not have another season of 3 wins. I know football takes awhile, but this would be awful and disappointing.

I think we struggle in 2017, but the training wheels come off in 2018. I say 3-9.

We are soft at wr, lb’s and secondary, not to mention special teams. We also lost a ton including three starting o line man, Larry, Austin and Khalif. Those are tough losses.
Not to. Enticing KLugh was fairly horrible after his tumble into the end zone against Marshall. I don’t think we have a back up and that concerns me.

I think we beat a and t, ga. state and uab. We might sneak another win here or there, but we should compete in most of them.

I think it’s going to be a long season too the eye, but hopefully the diehards are seeing where we are going in 2018.

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I think it all comes down to the lines. KP will be missed but Washington and LeMay should be a great 1-2 punch at RB. Klugh may have tailed at the end of the year, but that was due in part to the mounting injuries on the line. We also won’t be starting the wrong QB for a third of the season. Our WRs have been our most talented group, but they’ve got to play to potential next year and help Klugh improve his passing percentage.

The OL though I have no idea what to expect. If the line is bad, well it’s like balance and karate according to Mr Miyagi. If the line is bad, the offense will be bad.

Shock the world, 6 wins. Whole offseason for Klugh as the starter is going to be big for him, and I think he takes a big step forward.

I think we lose the bowl game we play in next season.