Clt questions if we should play appy again. Lots of cheap shots

clt says no, not cool at all

clt says you just saw us pass you by. congrats on a few fluke scores.

Tristan says the hill is a terrible place to sit/stand and that I didnt see a single piece of ice all game

clt would prefer to play another team. We will be way past appy next year.

Maybe for the start of the season warm up?

clt says we can likely find another team that could help our rpi.

Appy isn’t going to help anymore.

clt would also prefer a school where the students hang around after the 2nd qtr

Maybe coastal?

Traffic for an hour. Still on school property. App stinks.

Maybe Charlotte could play a prison team The Longest Yard style where fans are forced to stay

clt suggests a 3 for 1

clt feels bad for the appys

They are ready to fire coaches because of us

clt says we won this one.

Sadly, we may never play appy again. SEC will want us to play a fcs team in week two

Can’t believe the linebacker wasn’t ejected. That was a dirty hit. Period.

0-2 there o great guarantor of victory…IBD says you need new material.

Hey genius, you know he was speaking of the women s soccer game, right? I mean dang, he provided the link even.

Uh… my bad.

I don’t know about dirty but we were all sure he would be ejected. Glad Reynolds didn’t get hurt.

I don’t think the hit was dirty. It was just over aggressive and we got the penalty. He pulled off at the last moments saving him from an ejection.

It was an opposing player, therefore it was dirty as a pig in slop.

If it was one of ours it was just being aggressive.

Thems the rules

What did the DL guy do from a app to get ejected? Stream never showed it.