Clt says Odom should not leave Charlotte


Throw all of the money.


Kidnap him. Don’t let him leave again.


can he get Woods and Dorn to come back with him?


clt says he is lutz like. Hire him.


Funny how one moment or one season can elevate someone. It happens in every sport. Jimmer Fredette was a bust after a huge tournament…Johnny Manzel was a little easier to see but his Heisman run made him a media darling…Garappolo looks like he is legit after shining in brief relief stints in New England. And even this year in the NFL, is Nick Foles for real or did he just shine in a fortuitous moment too? You just don’t know.

Same with Odom.

His moment will get him paid. But is he a Fredette…or is he Garappolo?? I’d love to have him if he turns out to be a Garappolo…but with our luck he’d turn out to be Fredette.


clt says reason is not needed now. Pay Odom!


Your examples are of players who had good seasons and were elevated. Ryan Odom unlike players is a coach who has shown his ability to win in his three seasons as a head coach. This one win is not what has put him on the radar, it just is a added bullet point on his resume.


Do not hire ####

UMBC lost to Army lol, Colgate, Towson, Vermont by 30, and Albany.

has done a nice turnaround and made history but last night is a blind squirrel finding a nut. Screenshot this: #### will never be a big time coach anywhere.

(And I did not bold this, website glitching on its own)


No reason to screenshot unless you plan on deleting the post :grinning:


Yeah they also beat Vermont to make the tournament so what does it matter that they lost to them by 30 earlier in the season. The thing is you can take a look at any coach in two yearsout there and at some point they all have suffered loses like you just listed.

I haven’t seen anyone say that Odom was going be a great coach somewhere someday but frankly he got UMBC to the tournament and has not had a losing season as a head coach in his first two years. How many coaches out there have that on their resume?


I just don’t want him here. Odom is a nice coach and done solid, but there are a plethora of better guys avail.
We have all these guys against Lutz coaching because we need to turn the page on past yada yada, but now want to look at a Major holdover? No. If we are rebooting, lets reboot.


Turned each spot he’s been at around, only guy I would want ahead of him is Earl.



The Wall Street Journal did whole article several days ago about how Virginia could be the first #1 seed to be upset. The perfect storm happened last night UMBC shot over UVA’s defense and UVA was cold. Tons of respect to Odom for an amazing win but that doesn’t mean he would be a great program rebuilding HC at Charlotte.


The program rebuild he did at UMBC says he may be a great program rebuilding HC


Lutz was making all the decisions as a head coach, including the last few disappointing years. Odom was never the main decision maker, Major was. Who knows what Odom could have done if he was in charge of recruiting and game decisions? Even as an interim coach, he was still working with Major’s guys. I still prefer McMahon, Grant, Odom, Lundy in that order.


My example earlier was just to say it’s still too early to know for sure…which is why we would have a shot at him. If he had done it for long enough that he was a sure thing…he’d be going P5 asap.

However…it’s just a gamble. Which, I guess, any coach we go after will be.

But he hasn’t even had a chance to prove he can recruit yet for UMBC. He’s only been there 2 years. What he has accpmplished has been done so with holdover players. That may be a good sign at this point…but who’s to say he can’t recruit up to the current player’s standards and he gets worse in years 4 & 5??

Again…it’s a crapshoot. But some school will bite and either will be rewarded for taking the risk or will regret it.


He’s always been known as a good recruiter. What is more impressive to me is he’s taking to teams that were struggling and instantly turned them around.


JB are you related to #### ?

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clt says hire Odom and bring in Colson and McGinnis as assistants