clt says the observer is exposed nationally

[font=georgia, times, serif]That's not all that surprising, given that the school's fan base for the most part comprises Duke students and alums and their parents back in Parsippany, New Jersey — all of whom are terribly busy at the moment living up to everyone's expectations. Our old friends at Seth Curry Saves Duke!, for example, [size=13px]are celebrating their national championship[/size][/font][/color] with maybe the Dookiest expression of joy imaginable, a great big popped collar of a phrase: "We're national champions. Go fuck yourself." Someone put that on a commemorative t-shirt.
[font=georgia, times, serif]lol :)) [/font][color=#303030]

My favorite comment on the page:

Relax, conspiracy theorists. UNC just had the good fortune of winning their championship on a day with a particularly low pollen count.

clt says the deadspin commenters are epic.