Clt says we are trending upward


up to 98

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Good to see us no longer as a perceived doormat


I’m glad to see us moving on up, but 98 is still in the neighborhood of the doormats.


So according to this we are better than the Tarholes…interesting.


UNC-CH was 5-18 in 2017 and 2018. They beat Pitt twice, WCU twice, and ODU.

That’s bad.


Too bad we don’t have them on the schedule for this year, and ECU for that matter.

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Doormat to me is a guaranteed win for the opposing team. I’m expecting losses to Clemson, App, UNT, and Marshall this year at the least and I expect us to be competitive in those last 3.


clt only expects us to lose to clempson. we can win every other game


I fear North Texas, a lot more than others here it appears. They were tough before Fine got hurt. It’s is nice to get out of the triple digits on one of these preseason prognostications.