Clt says we need a global news chat page

This is the front lines for the battle of democracy. The people of Hong Kong grew up as a democratic British Colony, but was converted back to Chinese governance. As China keeps tightening the noose on controlling the economy of Hong Kong, the people are fighting back. Taiwan is the real economic prize for China. This was a big deal when I was there 15 years ago. China claims rights to Taiwan, while depending upon leadership Taiwan leans more towards being independent. I asked one of my friends there about his political leanings on the issue and he said that he couldn’t talk about it for fear of someone killing him. Occasionally, China would fire missiles over the island as a threat and Taiwan has a large presence on Patriot missile batteries along its coast. It will be interesting to see how China is handled as it continues to try to expand in the next few decades. Luckily, China is significantly weaker than the US both economically and militarily and we are in a much stronger position than them heading into 2020 - 2040.

Apparently the TV thing happened last year as well. This is in my neck of the woods. Seems like a harmless prank.

A few days ago, on August 8, there was an explosion on a barge in the White Sea near Nyonoksa, Russia. That explosion tragically killed seven people, nuclear engineers and technicians working on a project. The project was described as “an isotopic power source for a liquid engine installation,” but let’s be completely clear here: they were developing the nuclear propulsion system for a genuinely brutal and terrible weapon.

That weapon is known as 9M730 Burevestnik, known to NATO as the SSC-X-9 Skyfall, but is perhaps best understood as a modern rebirth of a terrifying American weapon concept from the 1960s known as the Flying Crowbar.

The Flying Crowbar was a nuclear-powered scramjet missile, capable of flying at hypersonic speeds with an almost indefinite range, spewing extremely radioactive exhaust and nuclear bombs all over the place.