Clt starts a 2019 signing day chat page


noah henderson is signed, a steal!


clt says what healy has done is impressive. cannot wait to see next year’s class!




The Observer article on signees lists us as: UNCC, UNC-Charlotte, UNC@Charlotte, Charlotte 49ers and Charlotte. You think it’s time for a name change, Phil??


wish students would demonstrate and rally to change name to University of Charlotte as they did to bring football


I assume those students have some free time, because they are not going to the football games.


Honestly, I don’t think the students and alums at large care about a name change. We here are avid fans of a change, so we’re in an echo chamber of changing the name and it seems like that’s what most want and would advocate for. Don’t think they would. It would take an activist type “movement” like the one that brought football here to even get that ball rolling.


Just tell them the name is racist because UNC had Silent Sam & some students dressed in klan suits & in black face in a 1979 yearbook. That should get them demonstrating to get the UNC out of the name.