Clt starts a fiu chat page

clt is worried about our depth

I am confused about playing the same team twice in a row

clt says it is like the nfc south. you play a home and away game in division

The team should be prepared to play in an empty FIU stadium.

If we don’t pick up the win their next game may be in an empty stadium as well.

Certainly a winnable game, but yes, depth is a concern now.

**worried about our depth ??? Heck I’m worried about our starters. **

if we lose this game do we give up on bowling?

I don’t. I had FAU and FIU as losses preseason. We only have to win 4 more games to be eligible.

That said, probably need to win 8 to assure ourselves a bowl. CUSA only has 5 tie ins this year.

I’d say yes

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Yes…We must beat FIU this week to keep our bowling hopes alive.

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Must we? No. I don’t think losing to FIU seals the no bowl fate, with that said applying logic and looking at schedule a L vs FIU will make any path to a bowl extremely difficult.

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I think if we lose to fiu we won’t go bowling because we will realize we aren’t that good

Cant believe all the negativity. We are going to win by 21 plus.

We have six games left after this game including three home games. The FIU game is important but doesn’t determine our bowl hopes.

Exactly we win it (and we can if the D can offer any resistance at all) then we’re still on pace for a bowl. Lose it and while a bowl is still mathematically possible we’ll be trying to draw an inside straight winning 4 of the last 6.

I had FIU down as a loss. I had them winning the East. They have talent that hasn’t shown up yet, a fantastic Qb in Morgan, and a coach that will find every weakness we have.

In short, I thought they would be look at ton like the FAU team we played last week.

We don’t have the personnel to play with them if they are on point and the coach has them motivated.

Why will WKU’s stadium be empty?

Give up? No, but it sure gets a lot more difficult to get to 6 without 1 being FIU.