Coach L Interview - WFAE

For those that missed it this morning.

If you guys get a chance to listen to the whole interview, do so. Lamebert’s a good interview and had some good things to say about the future. Even gave some insights into recruiting tactics, where he sees our “footprint”, and how we’re going to play defense/offense. He seems really happy to have NULLen on board.

Thanks for posting this. I caught a good portion of it live, but not all of it. Lambert is pretty open about everything. He seems excited about starting a program from scratch. I like it.

I’ve got a good drinking game… take a shot every time he says the word “relationships”. You will be tanked in two minutes.

lol seriously though, I like the guy more and more every time I hear him. The program is in great hands.

I listened to it all live except for when I checked in on the Major interview on at the same time on wfnz. ::slight_smile: Anyway, I continue to be impressed with Coach Lambert and what I think he brings. Listening to him gets me eager for 8/31/13 to get here and all the stuff in between: stadium groundbreaking and construction, hiring staff, designing unis, etc.
The one item that pissed me off was the email the interviewer read from some naysaying Debbie Downer prick “Bill in Matthews” (I think) who complained about “starting football now with the world in the state it’s in”. HEY!! FOOTBALL IS HERE, DUDE!! IN YO FACE!! :stuck_out_tongue: