Coach Major taking another medical leave

RT @davidscott14: NEWS: @Charlotte49ers coach Alan Major taking another medical leave of absence. Details coming. Ryan Odom taking over.

Wishing the best for coach, health is not something to be messed with.

Gives Odom a shot to run things, will be interesting to see what changes take place…

Dayum, this will be interesting.

Get well soon, Alan.

clt hopes the best for major.


49ers Men’s Basketball Coach Alan Major to Take Indefinite Medical Leave of Absence

CHARLOTTE – Charlotte 49ers head men’s basketball coach Alan Major will be taking an indefinite
medical leave of absence, effective immediately.

Major, who took a similar medical leave during the summer, approached Director of Athletics Judy
Rose to request the leave due to a return of health conditions.

“This is an extremely difficult basketball decision for me to make, but more importantly, it’s a
life and health decision,” said Major. “It will be difficult being away from the team but I’ll
maintain contact with the guys on a regular basis. I have the best staff in the country and those
guys are fully-prepared to take our team into battle. I look forward to attacking this recovery
process and getting back to leading this program into the future.”

“Alan’s health and welfare become a priority at this point,” said Rose. “His love for this program
and his student- athletes is beyond reproach. It is extremely difficult for him to step away, but
he understands his health must come first and we are here to offer our full support. ”

While Major will not be attending practices or games, he will continue to work in support of the

Associate head coach Ryan Odom will assume interim head coaching duties and will be assisted by
Desmond Oliver and Orlando Vandross, who like Odom, have been at Major’s side since Major became
the 49ers head coach five years ago.

“We believe that Ryan, Des and Orlando provide a sound framework for our basketball program,” Rose
added. “They have been with our team under Alan throughout and are well-equipped to lead our team
in the interim.”

There is no timetable for Major’s return, at this point. Out of respect for Major’s privacy, no
further details will
be released.

Whoa. I feel really bad for the guy. His coaching leaves a lot to be desired, but he’s a good man and I hope he’s able to get healthy.

It’s very apparent that he’s been in a lot of pain and discomfort during the season. Best wishes, coach.

I am critical of Major, but wish him well in his recovery. It will be interesting to see Ryan run the team full time.

I hope Coach Major has a quick recovery

Odum has to look at this as a tryout, if not for us then for other schools. I expect to see some changes so he can say he put his stamp on the program–unless of course some of our posters are correct and he has been the pupper-master. Then there would be nothing to change.

Coaching basketball is one thing, the health of a human being is another thing all together. I wish him a speedy recovery.

I wish the best for Major. I think his heart has always in the right place, and that is with the kids as he generally seems to care. Here’s to hoping he comes through everything stronger than before.

This is disturbing news. Whatever his abilities, its apparent that almost his entire life is devoted to coaching. This must have been a very difficult decision to step away.
Well wishes to him, of course.

Get well soon Coach! Prayers are with you.

I wish him a speedy recovery. This had to be a tough decision. As critical as I have been it was just about his coaching. I have no doubts he’s a decent man and I hate to see someone cut down by health issues.

This is something I posted twice over the last few months would happen.I have no doubt that Major has some real physical issues.This allows both he and Judy to “exit with honor” his situation.She was most likely facing a real bad situation at the end of this year,as she both hired,and extended him.

For Odom,this is a chance to show what he’s got.If he coaches in Major’s mold,the results,sadly,will be very similar i’m afraid.If somehow we show a serious turnaround in both style and results,Judy’s got her man…at a reasonable price.

There’s no way Coach Major is ever coaching here again,but this is also a much better alternative for all concerned than dumping the coach midyear and possibly losing a kid who might be our best recruit in years.

I wish Alan only good health…and less stress

Hope he gets well soon. Maybe it will only be a short leave, but I do hope he can take care of himself. He has looked a little under-the-weather on the bench at times this year, would like to see him get healthy.

not surprised at all. he has not looked healthy or ‘with it’ for a long time. certainly this year. his health …stamina, alertness, energy, etc…might very well have been affecting him for a long time. it’s possible that he’s more disappointed in his performance than anyone!
hope he recovers fully and makes good health decisions going farward.

I wish Alan a full and speedy recovery. Even though I questioned his coaching results, I’ve always thought he was a great guy. I’m sure him having to step away in mid-season was a painful decision for him, but like others have already stated, his health should come first.

this probably adds nothing to the discussion, but i’m unaware of any policy that prohibits NN from posting here unless we have something to add to the discussion! ::slight_smile:
i know from personal experience that some meds that are frequently taken post heart surgery can knock you on your ass! i was taking some stuff that turned me into a zombie. if my wife sent me to the store for bread, milk, and butter…[size=78%][font=Verdana]ahhhh, something with flour in it. something to drink. and something that gets soft if you leave it outta the frig. [/font][/size][font=Verdana][size=78%]she was very lucky if i returned with cookies, beer, and ice cream. [/size][/font][font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][/size][size=78%] that was about the extent of my cognitive [/size][size=78%]capacity[/size][size=78%]. [/size][size=78%][/font]
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][/size][size=78%]it’s very possible that AM could have been experiencing some of this type thing.[/size][size=78%][/font]

Will we be adding another assistant coach?