Coach Moss got a two-year extension today

Benny is excited and happy. He’s signed through the 2012-13 basketball season, just took on as a transfer ECU’s 6-9 John Fields (2nd in scoring, 9.6 ppg, 2nd in boards, 5.0 rpg, 24 mpg).

[URL=][B][U]Seahawks Gather More Moss With Two-Year Extension[/U][/B][/URL],
[URL=][B][U]UNCW gives Moss extension[/U][/B][/URL], Wilmington Star-News

Great guy… I’m glad to see him doing well in Wilmington.

Congrats, Benny!

Over on the UNCW board, all of them calling it a good move and they like it. Good for Benny, great job!

I guess I can say this much. They’re going to be very excited soon. There is a contract sitting on an athletic director’s desk waiting for a signature with some terms that are unheard in D-I ball and should be released soon. It will be an enormous boost for their program. One note on UNCW basketball, they do not have home “buy” games.

Way to go Big Ben… seems like he has them headed in the right direction.

Benny Moss is a class act! Sounds like good chemistry at UNCW all the way around.

[URL=][B][U]UNCW gives Moss extension[/U][/B][/URL], Wilmington Star-News[QUOTE][B]“There is something to be said for quality of life and I really like what the program is about, we’ve got tremendous support. My mom and dad taught me well: work hard, do the right thing, put your faith in the right place and good things do happen.”[/B] - Benny Moss[/QUOTE]
If you know Benny, this truly is his philosophy. I’m proud to call him a friend.

[URL=][B][U]Moss granted extension[/U][/B][/URL], Wilmington Star-News

[QUOTE][B]Analysis:[/B] Kelly Mehrtens made the correct decision. With 10 freshmen and sophomores on next year’s roster, it will be very difficult for the Seahawks to meet or exceed the 20 wins they had this year. Granted, they will be talented and should improve as the year progresses, but winning at that level might not be realistic. If Mehrtens hadn’t given Moss an extension, she would basically have set him up for a do-or-be-fired season in 2009-10, similar to the situation Dean Keener faced at James Madison this season. A couple of injuries or bad breaks and the program would be starting all over again. That would put undue pressure on Moss, his staff and the players.

Moss has proven he can sign talented players, now its up to him and his staff to develop them and make UNCW a consistent winner and top-four finisher in the CAA. The four talented seniors helped the Seahawks win 20 games this season, but it was far from a complete team, lacking experience, athleticism and overall depth, particularly in the frontcourt. Moss hasn’t had more than 10 scholarship players in his first two seasons and this year didn’t have enough guards or overall quickness to play the style he prefers. Next season he’ll have 12 scholarship players and two walk-ons available. Now, he has the opportunity to build on this year’s success and can recruit without worrying about his contract status being used against him by coaches vying to sign the same players.[/QUOTE]

Glad to hear the good news. Congrats Benny!