Coach Wat to Mizzou?

From the Daily Word with Andy Katz:

Former college coaches Melvin Watkins (Texas A&M), Perry Clark (Miami) and assistant Lane Odom (Missouri) were at the Chicago pre-draft camp networking. Watkins is a candidate for Odom’s old job on Quin Snyder’s staff. Odom is likely going to take time off (Missouri goes in front of the infractions committee in mid-August). Clark got a hefty buyout and doesn’t have to work next season. But Watkins sounded like he expects to be on a staff in the fall.

Good for Watkins. Go under the radar for a few seasons then try to resurrect the career.

Watt needs to stay away from that mess. Snyder is dirty. He already took down one former assistant from Charlotte. I don’t want him to do it to another.

Does Run49er realize he started this thread in the wrong forum? :slight_smile: