Coaches Caravan


Anyone give a summary of the Coaches Caravan for those of us who couldn’t attend ?


“We’re tired of talking about “potential” tired of talking about “best kept secret”. It’s time to make those things happen” — @rmikehill on his vision for our @Charlotte49ers program at the #49ersCaravan


That’s a shot across the bow to Judy’s mindset. Loved seeing that.



Whether it’s a shot at Judy directly or not…it’s certainly a shot at how terrible of a mind set that was to have and to promote.

Love it.

Bout damn time somebody in our AD quit making excuses and show some damn pride!!!


The age of Managed Expectations is over and the era of the #Goldstandard has begun. There is no way you could walk away from that event and be anything but excited for the future of Niner Nation.

I also was very impressed the way NNN was able to get all the best spots at the bar.


clt hopes Karen did well


Sanchez was good as well, one of the largest applauses of the night came when he said (can’t remember the exact quote so I’m paraphrasing) we’re not good enough to just outscore people, defense must and will be part of the equation.

Also he told Haslem he wants people to fear him setting screens, that he wouldn’t be mad at him if he picked up three offensive fouls setting picks.

He’s got some swag to him, and I like it.