Coaching candidate rumors

Makes sense. Strong ties to Hill.

I actually really like it. No denying Pelphrey has been around a lot of success, and he did a great job flying solo at south Alabama. Pair him with a recruiting guy from this area, and pig suey

Meh, take away his one kick ass year at USA and he’s a .500 coach.

He’d be ok, but I think of him as a rich man’s Wes Miller

Definitely would not be a splash of a hire by no means.

If we are going with a Donovan assistant, i would rather have Donnie Jones.

That said, I don’t really want either of these guys.

Why Jones?

He won and recruited well at Marshall. Marshall.

Like I said, I don’t want him either.

Underwhelming, retread.

It looks like in a previous tweet that they are citing the article by David Scott

What would we think about poaching Nick McDevitt from UNCA?

I think he’s a solid tier 2 candidate.

Pelphrey does not move the needle for me. Is that seriously the best we can do?

Not even going to try with Forbes or Grant or Kennedy?

I’d seriously rather have Lutz back over Pelphrey… and I’m not big on Lutz

I agree that I think they’re getting this from the David Scott article and not actual sources

Uhhhh I sure hope Pelphrey is not the hire. I would be ok if it wasn’t for his time at Arkansas. Id also welcome Lutz back over him.

Hopefully there is someone else.

Sure hope we can do better

Yeah, do not want. Seems like his teams faded as the season progressed. On the surface, that tells me that they likely didn’t improve and other teams passed him by. He’d be starting with a pretty bare cupboard here. There’s only one place down from the basement.

Huge McDevitt fan. Also really like Earl Grant a lot too.