College athletes and compensation - NIL, Alston v NCAA, etc 💰

This is becoming ridicules.

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clt says people were crying about the athletes getting free board and tuition not being enough, have fun with the new world order

Probably some of the same mouth-breathers from Knoxville that told me during the regional that they liked Blake Jackson and that they’d “buy him in the portal.” Joke is on them. He sold his services to hicks from South Carolina.

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Greed, on every level but the fans.


No greed is there with the fans too. The people that are contributing to collectives strictly so their team can win - it’s greed there too. Especially for those top brands.

If there isn’t a split soon, I think that college sports might cannibalize itself into extinction. The status quo is not sustainable.

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I’m already kind of done with the greed of a few certain individuals (Greg Sankey) & the TV Networks. I’ve always enjoyed sports but as I’ve gotten older the shine has really worn off due to a number of things.


It’s going to take another 20 years man. Programs like NCSU, Iowa, USC, I mean pick your team, haven’t had a real shot at a national championship in over a decade. They’re still chugging along like it’s totally doable.

As long as the fans think there is a chance, this will keep moving. Expanded CFP means more teams in playoff, which means more hope. It’s going to get uglier and uglier, but it’ll be a while before we end up with a 20-30 team top league.

I guess we will see. It certainly appears to be accelerating.

SEC and B10 forming their little group I think is the accelerator as well as the ACC falling apart. Really I think the timeline is when media deals are coming up. I don’t know what the contract terms are, but I figure B10 top brands and SEC brands are talking about what that future looks like right now.

It won’t be if NCSU and Iowa are still chugging along - it’s when Bama and Michigan decide they are ready to form their own entity regardless of CFP success.

NCSU is gonna be a (somewhat surprise) loser in all this. Bank on it.

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Yeah I think so too. I think USC could be too oddly enough. SEC school but I don’t think there is any guarantee they make the cut. We are going to see some brands that THINK they are bigtime, but when it comes to grabbing those top 30 or so they wont make the cut.

Ummm, I normally agree with most of what you post but you waaay off here.

Hell, FAU went to the FF last year. If they catch lightning every once in a while, NC St surely can.

Edit- sorry misread. I didn’t read close nuff to get this was about football, my bad

Bilas is right, the players are going to become contract employees.

That will come with all the headaches that entails as well.