College Football Hot Seat Rankings by CBS



Lambert should be rated 6.


Since Lambert recruited all of the guys at some level do you think this could become some billboard material to motivate the team in ways that would not happen in other ways.


Coming off of a 1-11 campaign I don’t think they need any bulletin board material.


Does motivation move the cornerbacks to within 10 yards of line of scrimmage on 3rd and 3?


One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think we see the same ole Lambert this year.

He shoulda felt the hot seat last year but I’m sure Judy told him he was fine before the season started.


Last year we were coming off a “respectable” (for year 2 of FBS football) 4-8 season that included 2, 1 point losses that kept the team from going to a bowl game. Most didn’t expect such a large drop-off last season.


We lost respect when we lost to Rice.


That Rice loss was when I lost any faith in Lambert being the right coach at Charlotte. That Rice team was by far the worst FBS opponent I’ve seen the Niners play and the way we blew a sizable halftime lead at home was completely unacceptable.


I think Brad has to win 6 to keep his job. 5 might do it if two of the five are App and Tennesse, but if we can beat app and tennessee, we should win more than five games. There are two ways I think we fire him mid year:

I think if we lose to Fordham, he’s gone.

I think if we start 1-3, he’s gone.

Beyond that, I think once we are eliminated from bowl contention, he will be let go.

It is my extreme hope that he makes me eat a large portion of crow and we are good.


I have said this before and will stick with it until proven wrong. Lambert is out by Halloween. I don’t think that he can save it unless there is a miraculous turnaround. Hill knows the anger of this fan base and there is no way that he wants that to bleed over to basketball and the new coaching hire there.

Hill was not in a position to do anything but support Lambert so far because of the timing of his hire. That position will change with some early losses.


If Lambert is fired, I don’t believe Hill will do it until the season is over. Midseason firings are dickish, unless the coach does something unlawful or egregious.


Hill came from Florida. They fired a guy midseason. That football coach did something egregious. He lost a bunch of games. Dickish or not, I don’t think Hill will hesitate to pull the trigger. He for sure doesn’t want to be perceived as another Judy. (She only fires basketball coaches midseason)

Edit: I don’t remember which coach they fired midseason. It wasn’t the last guy who lost a bunch. I’m sure it was during Hill’s time there though.


Jim McElwain who had a pretty impressive record nothing like Lambert.


McElwain was also caught in a pretty serious lie about death threats.

Unless Lambert violates some NCAA rules or has some legal troubles, I wouldn’t fire him until the end of the season. Football isn’t one of those sports where a midseason coaching change will get you more wins (in most cases).


Georgia Southern did this last year and was 0-6 then changed coaches and then went 2-4. They were 5-7 the year before. Had the coach for 1.5 years.

A lot of times a G5 school has to worry about the cost of paying for two coaches or the cost of a buyout.

I know there are other cases of mid-season changes not related to legal/moral issues but I can’t think of any over the last few years.


Honestly I’d just rather it ride out and if he needs to be let go, do so day after the season is over. I’m inclined to believe Hill probably already has names of candidates spread out over the kitchen floor already, just in case.


Exactly, this is the key to moving forward, not firing him early. You can use back channels to gauge mutual interest in the possibility of a future opening during the season. Anyone that is watching our program (Lambert included) can see where this is likely to end up.


Hill won’t fire/remove midseason. Guy started the program - and despite his tendency to blow at coaching, is apparently well regarded as a human being amongst the coaching community. Those things will afford him the ability to go out at the end of the year. Kicking him to the curb midseason will not turn the team around. If you think you have a coordinator worthy of taking over as HC, go for it. We don’t have that luxury.

We may announce he’s not returning in October - but I fully expect Lambert to be HC through Nov.


I don’t think they will, but if Fordham beats us that needs to be his last game here. In addition if it becomes apparent he will not be retained (i.e. we start 1-5, 1-6) then it’s time to pull the trigger as well. Shane Montgomery has HC experience and can guide us through the remainder of the season if catastrophe strikes. You can back channel interest but if we are going to make a move I would rather get out in front of all the G5 schools that will be firing coaches. What if someone that was interested decides not to go with us because another job opens unexpectedly? I wouldn’t risk that.

I think Lambert is a good person as well, and hope he shocks us all. The program is bigger than one person however, and if it becomes time to make a move do it.