College Football Playoff Expansion

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The way I interpret this is that we are going to the playoff in 2024.


Congrats to the Power 5 for the CFP expansion. They’re really gonna get rich.

College Football Playoff expansion, explained: How the 12-team format will work starting 2024

This is the best explanation of the 12-team format that I have seen by far.

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This is the Trojan horse in the structure. It is going to put tremendous pressure on Notre Dame to join a conference.

I know UConn played in a BCS bowl once, but weird to include them in the same breath as ND.

It’s called humorous juxtaposition. It’s done for ironic sarcasm.
In this case, Bravo, NA!

There was a time this would be exciting news to me, especially with us in one of the two best G5 conferences. Alas, age and life experience tells me to assume the worst till proven wrong.


The CFB is going to expand. I’ve heard a few really plugged in commentators comment that the future format gives byes to the top 4 conf champs. So instead of a home game where they could make buckets of cash they are sitting.

And just because they have a bye in the first round doesn’t mean they will play at home in their first game.

They expect the 12 to expand to 16 relatively quickly (by CFB standards) once that sinks in.

It’s the top 6 conference champs.

But back on topic. The point is: Cinderellas and upsets are what make college sports fun. Not the boring ass aristocracy that CFB has been insisting on for years now.

Byes for the top 6 conf champs?

That doesn’t make sense.

That would leave 9 teams in the playoff after the other 6 teams play.

Sure your not talking about the tournament bids not byes?

My apologies, your post confused me.

Byes are 4, but auto bids are 6. At larges are 6. You were talking about an expanded field.

Our admins are amazing.

I noticed the quick shift of our CFB posts to the right thread.

Thank you admins.

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Another thought regarding playoff expansion.

How long till Texas and Oklahoma fans are longing to be back in the Big 12 after they get knocked around in the SEC for a few years?

They can wipe their tears with the giant pile of money I suppose.


Depends… If the SEC gets 6 bids to the CFP every year they won’t.

I have my doubts they can consistently crack the top 6 of the SEC.

I like it