College of Charleston 12/1

Haven’t read this thread to see what others are thinking, but like dmast I am encouraged by the game.
When we get more reinforcements next year, I think we take a big step forward!


We lose JD…and we’re bringing in 6 very good players plus Vasik comes back. 7 new players most of which that are legit immediate contributor types added to whats returning is A LOT to get excited about.

Should be our best recruiting class in a decade when you consider quantity and quality.

It will take some time for them to gel and find a rotation…but we’ll have our best team in a long long time next year IMO. And it will get even better from there.

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3 of them get to practice in our system for this entire year. Excited to see how far we progress this year (we are improving each game) and how good we can be with incoming group.

I like what I’ve seen from our freshman. I know losing JD will stink, but at least we’ll have a pretty solid core of players who will have gotten plenty of playing time this season.

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