College of Engineering phone calls

I have been receiving calls after normal business hours to my cell phone from a 704 area code. I looked up the number and it was listed as a cell phone in Mecklenburg County. They would never leave a message. Today I answered the phone and it was a woman who told me that she was with the UNC Charlotte COE department and was reaching out to alumni for donations. I told her that I would like to help, but that there was no way that I would be giving my credit card information to someone who called me. I asked her for a website that I could go to in order to make a donation and she could not give me one. She said she could send me some information in the mail, but that I would have to commit to an amount in order to receive the information. I told her that I couldn’t make any commitment for funding at this time. Do you folks find this as suspicious as I do, and has anyone else received a call from these folks? Why wouldn’t it come from a land line instead of a cell phone and why would it not be during normal business hours?


I get the same. Its legit. If you don’t answer, they keep calling. Once a day, no voicemail. I politely tell them my student loan payments are my donation.

What makes you say it is legit? It is the same number, but it doesn’t mean that our information wasn’t compromised. I would rather my donations go to Athletics anyway. There are enough people donating to Academics.

I wouldn’t give info out to a random call either. But a time or 2 I’ve requested the mailer, got a post card days later with Charlotte info.

They probably just want their degree back:)

Dowless, it’s legit. They call me the same time every year. All numbers on campus are 704-687-****. I have asked them to mail me something before to send in my donation.

I get calls all the time. If you feel uneasy about it, just use the website to donate to the school. I think you can specify which college you want the $$ to go to as well.

They call every day until you answer, basically. I don’t mind, we complain that our school doesn’t do enough to reach out to us so I guess this is a good thing.

I always throw them a small donation just to thank them for the effort. They’ve stopped asking me for $50 at a time, so they probably have some form of system to keep track.

It always provides a good opportunity to have some fun with people too, interupting them during the script, asking about the activities they enjoy the most, quizzing them about athletics, finding out their major, plans for the future, etc. Last girl was super nice, turned out she was from Winston-Salem and she didn’t get bothered at all. The time before that the poor kid got flummoxed because I took him off the script, kept stumbling and trying to go back to asking for money.

Ah well, just answer the call and talk to the poor kids, they’re just trying to earn some money.

Thanks everyone. I knew If I just asked you guys I would get some answers. I did find where I could donate on the website.

clt keeps getting paged from that number. Never 911 though.