College Sports Playing Poor

UAB mentioned. Very interesting read about how schools use transfer accounting to cook the books and hide profits. Well worth the time investment.

I disagree with the authors contention that Athletic Depts should be left to bid as much as they want on players (players deserve a cut but uncapped FA is terrible for sports).

I also think he too quickly glossed over the fact that much of this money hidden by current accounting methods ends up being directed to ridiculous coaching salaries. IMHO, if schools start paying players, thats where a big chunk of the money will have to come from.

Splitting the AD is interesting, but he doesnt address that doing so and converting to cash basis accounting will put Title IX problems in sharper focus.

That was really interesting. Thank you for sharing. I’ve always thought the poor mouthing about college sports was BS because if it was REALLY losing money for most schools then most schools would shut it down fairly quickly.

NCAA asking Feds for antitrust exemption to avoid paying players.

Just read it -

Seems like an interesting article, will have to make some time to read it. Also seems like the type of article traditional news outlets would choose not to cover.